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Inspection Service

Whilst we believe in the intention of all contractors to carry out a professional job be they Federation Members or not, it is inevitable that sometimes disagreements occur between clients, specifiers and contractors and to this end the NFTMMS can provide expert Technical Inspectors to report on both the product and/or workmanship.

The Federation will provide unbiased written reports on all matters reflected in its title, namely Terrazzo in all forms, whether it be tile, precast slab or in situ, Marble including granite and limestone and Mosaic be it marble, ceramic, glass or smalti.

Where required our inspectors will comment on both suitability of products along with their fitness for purpose. Guidance can also be given on possible remedial measures if these are considered necessary and maintenance suggestions to keep the installation in good condition

The Federation Inspectors are based in various parts of the country and can usually respond to a request within 7 - 10 days of formal instructions and receipt of agreed payment. The fee including Inspector's travelling and incidental expenses is usually between £650 to £750 dependent on location, and there is a lesser scale of charges for domestic installations. A firm estimate of charges can be given once the job location and project size is known. Reports can usually be provided within a further 7 - 10 working days after the inspection has been undertaken.

With prior agreement on air fares and possible incidental hotel costs Inspections can be undertaken in most countries of the EEC as increasingly English companies are involved in contracts outside the UK.

The Inspectors are all drawn from an experienced group who have spent a lifetime in their trade and a number continue to sit on the relevant technical committees within the British Standards Institution covering the various hard surfacing materials the Federation speaks for.

Although one hopes a Technical Inspection is a way of avoiding litigation, inevitably they are sometimes a part of it. Our Inspectors are able and used to appearing as Expert Witnesses should matters proceed that far and are well aware of Current Guidelines on Form and Content of Expert's Report and Duty to Court.

For further information please contact the Federation Office by e-mail or telephone.