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Welcome to the National Federation of Terrazzo Marble & Mosaic Specialists

The Federation is the only national body serving the interests of Terrazzo in the UK. It was formed in 1933 by contracting practitioners keen to maintain and improve the standards of craftsmanship and technical control on which the industry depends..

Those founding aims remain the Mission Statement of the Federation to this day and apply equally to mosaic, marble, granite, limestone and quartz, which require similar but subtly different degrees of craft skill. Quality in execution and knowledge of materials being laid are the main requirements for Membership.

To further the aims of the Federation, technical advice and assistance with specifications is freely given. Detailed Specification Sheets covering Terrazzo Marble and Mosaic are available for the serious user. For more contentious contractual matters a Technical Inspection Service is available and is widely used by architects, contractors and clients alike.

Representation is maintained on all BSI relevant Code of Practice Technical Committees to help ensure that what is ultimately printed represents best possible current practice for the wide range of natural materials for which we speak.

Given the origins of Terrazzo in Friuli some 500 years ago and the source of many of the materials also used in both Marble and Mosaic installations it is not surprisingly that the Italian connection is strong but by no means all pervasive. A love of natural materials well finished and well laid is the bond that binds all Members of the Federation. This applies also to Associate Members who supply materials, equipment and services..