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Cleaning Mosaic

Natural stone is very easy to maintain, and for general day to day we advise the minimum amount of intense cleaning for your granite, slate, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance. It should not be necessary to do more than wipe over with a clean damp cloth using warm water.

A mild cleaning solution such as Easy Care can be used on polished or honed surfaces but under no circumstances should any abrasive, acidic or bleach type products ever be used.

In the event that a potentially harmful liquid is spilt on the surface (i.e. citric acid or alcohol) you must wipe up the liquid immediately before it has had a chance to burn the surface of your worktop. If this is not done, ring marks or splash marks will occur.

Tile grouting is a trap for dirt, damp and mould, so regular cleaning is always recommended - especially for mosaic tiling

Use a specialist grout cleaner, a sponge and/or toothbrush to ensure they’re really clean. Don’t let mould start; a little effort will ensure your tiles don’t deteriorate.

It can be tempting to concoct your own homemade cleaning solutions, but tiled surfaces whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or glass require special treatment to retain their beauty. A lot of homemade cleaning recipes include white vinegar - perhaps one of the most harmful substances to tiled surfaces because its acidic nature can eat away at the grouting in between the tiles. It’s also been known to etch marble surfaces. To avoid ruining your tiling, grout or the effectiveness of your sealants only specialist tile cleaning products.


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