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Cleaning Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite material of marble chips and concrete or resin that is combined to create smooth, luxurious flooring or countertop material that captures the beauty of marble in a more affordable way. Terrazzo is generally composed of two parts marble chips to one part binder (concrete or resin), and extra chips may be scattered on the top of the mixture for an even more marbled appearance. Special mixtures of terrazzo may also use mother of pearl or abalone shell for different appearances.

While the marble chips in terrazzo are durable, the binder is more porous and subject to stains, particularly for flooring. Cement is the most porous material, but a terrazzo floor can have a finishing sealer applied that will help the floor resist stains and liquid penetration. This is recommended as a preventative measure to keep your floor looking superb, but the sealer will need to be stripped and reapplied periodically to keep the floor looking new. Wax should not be used to coat a terrazzo floor, as it can cause the floor to be dangerously slippery and waxy buildup will dull the floor's polished sheen.

It is important to note that when a terrazzo floor is first laid, it will take time for the cement to cure. During that period, which can last several days or weeks, the floor may change color or have a mottled appearance. This is not staining, and as the floor cures the color will even out.

There are different chemicals suitable for granite, slate, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance. These chemicals clean various types of staining and the quicker action is taken the greater the chance of removing marks and stains.

Granite and quartz stone are heat and scratch resistant but not heat and scratchproof. We would always recommend using a chopping board when cutting and a worktop saver when putting hot items down.

It is recommended that for granite, slate, limestone and marble maintenance the material is sealed with MN Stain Stop to help against water penetration and staining. This will remove the long term risk of penetration into the stone.

For stubborn stains Wexa can be used (diluted 1:15) on polished or honed surfaces.

For general granite, marble, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance, a product such as MN polish care cream can be applied which will help protect and maintain the life of the material. However it may give honed surfaces a slight sheen.

NB - Caution – with any cleaning products for granite, slate, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance, a small area should be tried first preferably out of view.